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This guide provides an in depth explanation of the key similarities of the best hitters in the world.  


You will learn how to properly diagnose the swing and spot common inefficient movement patterns.  

You will learn that 99% of traditional coaching cues can not produce a world class swing.

"Sean knows what he is talking about."


- Manny Ramirez | 12x MLB All Star

I cut through the common coaching jargon and explain HOW to actually develop a swing that consistently squares baseballs.

Everything taught is backed up with video proof of the best hitters in the world.  


These swing movements have been proven over the past 100 years as the most optimal way to swing a baseball bat.

"Sean helped me improve my performance on the field."


- Evan Gattis | Houston Astros

You Will Learn


1. The Swing Movements of the Greatest Hitters in the World.


2. The Difference between Amatuer hitters vs. Great hitters


3. The keys to maximizing your bat speed, adjustability and timing


4. The critical information necessary to maximize your abilities

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