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"Sean knows what he is talking about."


- Manny Ramirez | 12x MLB All Star

"Sean helped me improve my performance on the field."


- Evan Gattis | Houston Astros

Online Analysis
I will give a detailed swing analysis.  Including a break down  of the specific movement patterns I see and how to optimize your swing power and consistency.


My son has worked with Sean for several years consistently. Sean spends countless hours studying, understanding and perfecting the swing. He bases his approach on the highest level hitters in history. He applies his knowledge to his own swing so that he's capable of instructing others. He provides appropriate drills and techniques with children to help them incorporate sound fundamentals into their own natural approach. He'll teach you how to "tip to whip" and how to balance hips so that your body is positioned to draw the greatest power from the ground up, pulling maximum energy into the ball. It's been a pleasure to work with Sean. He's really passionate and he really gets it.

-Lisa D

I played NCAA Div I baseball and many of my teammates went on to play professional baseball. When my son has always been a big hitter but when he got to the age where he played on fields that were the same size as college and professional ballparks, his approach at the plate needed to change. Size and strength were not enough. Coach Sean teaches my son the same techniques the best hitters in history use. By age 15, my son was hitting home runs consistently 370+ feet. He has the highest batting average on his high school team and is the power hitter coaches in college and the pros look for with an exit velocity of 96+ mph. Don't take my word for it, check out Coach Sean's videos where he instructs Major League Baseball Legend Manny Ramirez.

-Carl S

Working with Sean Plouffe for the last 7 years has been great! With Sean's instruction, my son has improved tremendously and has become a very technical catcher and hitter. He has been able to play at a high level and hopes to continue in college. I recommend him to all that are serious about playing baseball. Thanks Sean!

-Kathy L

My son is 11 years old and he has been training with coach Sean since he was 8 years old. He went from hitting zero balls to having much more quality at bats and many home runs. Coach Sean has been a huge impact on my son's baseball career. Thank you coach Sean!!!

-Tina G

Sean does a great job explaining the swing in a way my son can understand and then execute. Saw major improvements in my sons consistency at the plate. Thanks Sean.

-Sean R

Sean has transformed me into a two times better hitter after working with him for the past few years and I wouldn't be the baseball player I am today without him.

-Josh G

Sean teaches hitters how to incorporate the principles of successful swing mechanis into their batting. Focusing on the battle between hitter & pitcher.  Appreciative Parent.

-Jason B

Good with kids. Turned my kid into the cleanup hitter on his team, and he now hits "a ton".

-Harold D

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