Proper Batting Stance

5 steps to a proper batting stance

1. Feet a little wider than shoulder-width

2. Bend at the waist

3. Bend at the knees

4. Hands near the back shoulder

5. Eyes on the pitcher

It's important to understand that Major Leaguers don't always swing from the batting stance they start in.

Many World Class hitters will have a starting stance and then a loaded stance from which they actually swing from.

Should you hold your elbow up?

The majority of world-class hitters held their elbow up or back. This allows more room to create bat speed.

Hitting off a tee

When practicing, you should move yourself in relation to the tee to simulate inside and outside pitches.

This allows you to hit the baseball to all fields at a contact position that make sense.

1. For an inside pitch the batter should stand farther away from the tee and closer to the plate.

2. For a middle pitch your stride for Sugarland even with the batting tee.

3. For an outside pitch, the players should stand closer to the picture and the stride foot should land a few inches beyond the batting tee.