David Ortiz | Swing Like the Greats

David Ortiz has solidified himself as one of the best hitters of all time. In this video we take a look at his swing movements compared to the Greatest hitters ever (Ted Williams, Barry Bonds, Hank Aaron and Babe Ruth).

Whether it was on purpose or not, Ortiz has been able to incorporate very similar swing movements to those of the all time greats.

He swings with BIG movements. I love to see big movements and players who maximize their bat speed. A player with big movements can always shorten up as needed, where as a player who never learns to swing big, can't all of a sudden hit for power.

Movement is not the enemy, being on time with those movements is the key. Movement can give a player a running start, making them even faster to the baseball.

Players with no movement have to suddenly push the bat to the baseball. More often than not, that is not an appropriate strategy against the best pitching on the planet. Players who try to start at zero have minimal quickness or adjustability.

Should you swing like David Ortiz?

If I told you all the fastest cars in the world had the same engine, wouldn't you put one in your race car?

Study Ortiz' engine, make it a part of your swing.

David Ortiz Swing

This is a barrel turn. Watch how the barrel and back elbow work together. Ortiz is able to turn the barrel from a leveraged position. He tips the barrel forward, that is where the swing starts.

This means that the first 12 inches of barrel movement is a reversal of the tip. He tips the bat forward, then reverses the tip to swing.

Tip the barrel towards 3rd base, then reverse the tip

Ortiz is able to create early bat speed. This means the barrel is already up to speed before the hands ever come forward. This gives him the adjustability needed to direct his swing wherever the ball takes him. This made him one of the best home run hitters of all time.

Many hitters will push their hands forward to create bat speed. This means you are directly applying force AGAINST the heaviest part of the bat. Ortiz on the other hand, is pulling the barrel backwards and then around, creating momentum and using the weight of the barrel to his advantage.

Triangle turn

The barrel turn is something that you will never truly see or believe in until you can perform it yourself.