Bryce Harper's Swing 2015 to 2016 | WHAT HAPPENED?

Bryce Harper's swing has shown some flaws in 2016. He went from hitting .330 in 2015 to hitting only .235 in 2016. This video explains exactly why his average dropped.

It's amazing to me that even at the highest level, with a player who is worth half a BILLION dollars, player development is still so bad.

He can be one of the all time greats.

This ball is hit for a home run. If there was ever such a thing as a bad swing resulting in a home run, this is it. He slices this ball, the bat chops through the plane of the pitch. While it worked out on this swing, you can clearly see the margin for error is paper thin.

You can see the downward and sweeping path going around the ball and towards the pull side.

He is doing everything a traditional coach would teach, foot down early, swing down, rotate for power etc...

It's all bad, it's all wrong.

Swing Plane

This is an example of a swing that is on plane. Adjust the shoulders to the height of the pitch. This allows the barrel to get behind and then through the baseball for optimal square contact.

This is a swing that is NOT on plane. This is exactly what Harper does. Most coaches think that this type of swing will result in ground balls. It doesn't. This swing will slice the baseball and result in mostly POP UPS.