Proper Batting Stance


5 steps to a proper batting stance


1. Feet a little wider than shoulder-width


2. Bend at the waist


3. Bend at the knees


4. Hands near the back shoulder


5. Eyes on the pitcher


It's important to understand that Major Leaguers don't always swing from the batting stance they start in.


Many World Class hitters will have a starting stance and then a loaded stance from which they actually swing from.





Should you hold your elbow up?


The majority of world-class hitters held their elbow up or back.    This allows more room to create bat speed.  




Hitting off a tee


When practicing, you should move yourself in relation to the tee to simulate inside and outside pitches.


This allows you to hit the baseball to all fields at a contact position that make sense.




1. For an inside pitch the batter should stand farther away from the tee and closer to the plate.


2. For a middle pitch your stride for Sugarland even with the batting tee.


3. For an outside pitch, the players should stand  closer  to the picture and the stride foot should land a few inches beyond the batting tee.



Proper Swing Position


Proper swing position includes the following


1. Elbow Up and back


The overwhelming majority of world-class headers held their elbow up.   This has several advantages.  First, holding the elbow up provides a strong shape in the arms for which the bat can rotate.   Second,  holding the elbow up and back create tension between the upper and lower body.  Third, this tension must be present to actually feel loaded.


2. Barrel up


The overwhelming majority of world-class headers also held the bat up.   This allows for more momentum to be created throughout the process of the swing.   Holding the bat up will also set the swing plane to be "inside the ball."


3. Front shoulder slightly turned in


The body works rotationally to provide Force.   While counter-rotating the shoulders too far can lead to obstructed vision of the pitcher, a slight counter rotation is needed to effectively load the body in preparation to hit the ball with power to all fields.


4. Triangle shape in the arms


The triangle shape of the arms can be seen in most world-class headers.   This shape is maintained throughout the swing end into contact.  This shape is very important four barrel control and eliminating bat drag long swings add a variety of other  swing flaws.


5. Front elbow down and in


by pulling the front elbow down and in the body and bat are in a proper position to hit to all fields.  The process of loading the triangle consist of swinging the back elbow up in the front elbow down.   this load the hand and the bat to create as much momentum as possible.  


6. Tension tween the upper and lower body


Ted Williams stated in his book the science of hitting quote hips lead the hand.   this use of the kinetic chain is  present in all world class headers.   by properly creating tension, this  rotationally loads the body to create Force.  The same feel is present during a throw.





A Proper batting stance has three phases.


1. Relaxed


When you first step into the box you want to be relaxed.   Most players will take a few slow practice swings or have rhythmic movements in preparation to hit.



2. Preliminary stance


In the preliminary stance, the hands finally settle near the back shoulder while rhythmic movements continue.



3. Loaded stance


The loaded stance is where a hitter actually swings from.   This stance is typically done right before the pitcher throws the baseball.



Miguel Cabrera gets to a great loaded stance.  Weight over back leg, knees and waist bent, back elbow up and back.  


Miguel holds the barrel up, which is more beneficial for players who want to hit the ball far.  His barrel will drop to level with the pitch as the ball approaches the hitting area.



Many major league hitters use a leg kick  as they get to their loaded stance.    


Right before the ball is thrown the front leg lifts, the bat tips forward and the player prepares to swing.




Find a batting stance that is comfortable for you.


I do not recommend loading the hands backward towards the empire or putting the front foot down before the ball is thrown.


Many players develop a very robotic loading sequence where the hands extended backward while the front foot get down.  


This loading sequence does not allow for proper use of the kinetic chain, momentum, or good direction in the swing.


Imagine how awkward it would be to throw that way!



Exactly zero of the best hitters use this type of loading sequence.

Getting to a proper position to swing is the first step to maximizing your abilities as a hitter.



Find a preliminary batting stance that works for you.    


Get to a proper loaded position with tension and swing with intent.






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