5 Steps for a Perfect Baseball Swing

Proper Baseball Swing

(Barry Bonds, Hank Aaron, Ted Williams, Babe Ruth)

This is what a perfect baseball swing looks like, demonstrated by the 4 best hitters to ever do it.

I will take you through the five main components of their swing. The mechanics listed below are the key to maximizing your abilities as a hitter.

A perfect baseball swing has common elements that all great hitter encorporate into their swing.

Barrel Turn

Perfect Baseball Swing

The image above illustrates centripetal force.

Williams tips his barrel forward, this is a cocking action to turn the barrel around the hands. Watch his barrel go from the tipped position to level with the incoming pitch.

This movement happens before the shoulders turn. By creating a running start, Williams creates elite level bat speed and adjustability, Because Williams is able to move the barrel while keeping the hands back, this allows Williams to adjust to pitch speed and location.

Stretch and Fire

Fast Baseball Swing

Notice how Braun is able to keep his weight centered over the back leg while attacking the baseball.

His upper body works to stay back while the lower body leads the movement.