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10 Baseball Exercises for Hitting Power

Weight training is a critical part of developing the strength needed to have elite baseball tools.

Here are the top 8 baseball exercises you can do to increase your hitting power.

1. Hex Bar Dead Lift

The dead lift is a staple for building overall size and strength. This is the most important lift for increasing power and bat speed.

2. Pull up/Seated Pull Down

The pull up is great for building a strong back and core. Hanging from a bar promotes good shoulder health.

3. Dip/Dumbbell Bench

When done correctly, the dumbbell bench press is great for building upper body size and strength.

4. Squat

The squat is a staple exercise for building lower body size and strength.

5. Seated/Standing Row

A strong back is critical for keeping muscular balance in the shoulder joint. Back and bicep strength is needed to fully control the barrel of the bat.

6. Forward/Side Lunge

Glute strength is critical for creating power. The sideways lunge challenges your body similarly to the way your will use your lower body in the swing process.

7. Hanging Toes to Bar

This core exercise is great for overall core strength and stability. This is one of the more advanced core exercises in existance. If you find it easy, try squeezing your and going as slow as possible through the mid range of the exercise.

8. Torture Twist

The torture twist was featured in the 4 hour body as the core exercise of choice by author Tim Ferriss. Building core strength is important for transferring the power created by the lower body into the upper body.

9. Sprint

According to this study, sprints can naturally increase HGH by over 500%. Explosive lower body power and quickness will help swing a bat with more authority.

10. Vertical Jump

Hip extension is a main contributor in both the vertical jump and the baseball swing. Increasing the explosive power of the legs will translate to more power on the field.


Building you body should be the most important part of your preperation as a baseball player.

The first prerequisite for being and MLB player is having the raw athleticism to play at that level.

Elite baseball tools are built through athletic training and weight training.

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