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"Sean knows what he is talking about."


- Manny Ramirez | 12x MLB All Star


"Sean helped me improve my performance on the field."


- Evan Gattis | Houston Astros


"Your website fundamentally transformed my swing.  I went from hitting one home run a year in college to having five in the first 3 weeks of my junior season with 7 doubles and a triple.  The amount of power I have now compared to what I had before is incredible." - Fr...

 How to Load | Good Hitting Position

I have been against "hitting drills" because of the fact that no matter what drill a player does, his swing stays the same.  

This page is a collection of baseball hitting drills to actually move better.  

These drills (or movements) are designed to allow players to feel...

Lets take a look at how to increase your bat speed.

1. The Barrel Turn

 (Barry Bonds, Hank Aaron, Ted Williams, Babe Ruth)

If you've read any of the content on this site, you know that there is a clear correlation in all of the great hitters, they turn the barrel.  

The ba...

There are folk tales about Mickey Mantle hitting the longest home run ever measured 565 feet.  In reality, he would have had to hit the ball 131 miles per hour.  While I don't doubt his greatness, he most likely could not have hit a ball that far in the air.  565 ft ma...

(Barry Bonds, Hank Aaron, Ted Williams, Babe Ruth)

This is what a perfect baseball swing looks like, demonstrated by the 4 best hitters to ever do it.

I will take you through the five main components of their swing.  The mechanics listed below are the key to maximizing y...

There may never be another player who posses both the swing, and the physical ability that Bonds brought to the plate.  

If your goal is to maximize your abilities as a hitter, knowing and understanding the basic movements in Barry Bonds' swing is a must.

What made...

Ted Williams dominated his era like no one else.  The true measure of a dominant hitter is the ability to hit for power AND average.

Williams was a dead pull hitter, but because of his ability to create bat speed deep in the swing, he was able to adjust to off speed pit...

 Baseball Swing Flaws | Do you swing across the ball?

David Ortiz has solidified himself as one of the best hitters of all time. In this video we take a look at his swing movements compared to the Greatest hitters ever (Ted Williams, Barry Bonds, Hank Aaron and Babe Ruth).

Whether it was on purpose or not, Ortiz has been a...

There are two predominant schools of thought when it comes to baseball swing mechanics.

1. Rotational Hitting

2. Linear Hitting

Before we get into these schools of thought, let me preface this by saying a few things.  There are only two types of coaches.  Either you belie...

Gary Sanchez has set a record for being the fastest player to hit 20 career home runs.  With a swing like his, I can't say that I'm surprised. His pre-swing movements and bat path are very high level.  In this video, I compare him to the best hitters ever....

Josh Donaldson's swing change allowed him to become one of the best hitters in baseball.

The mechanics that he implemented are not new.  The great hitters over the last 100 years have all used these movements.

They are able to create early bat speed, get on plane and con...

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