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Step 1: Study the best.

Step 2: Replicate what they do.

That is the basis for my online baseball lessons

Fact is, traditional coaching will never produce this type of swing.

1. Swing Down

2. Stay Inside (99% of kids don't know what that means)

3. Foot down early

4. Eliminate movement

5. Shoulders level

Any Little League Coach can yell from the dugout and pretend to coach. But the truth is, these terms make players worse.

We all look at hitting through our own lense. We have a reference base full of things we learned as a player, things we were coached, things that we believe to be right and things that we believe to be wrong.

Many people live their entire lives without ever finding an effective way to reach their goals.

Swing Like the Greats

(Barry Bonds, Ted Williams)

When I first came across this correlation, I denied it. I had the same excuses and close mindedness that many still carry around. I said "too much movement," "long swing," "they can get away with that."

But you know what, there is no denying the proof. The hitters above are doing the exact same thing. They tip the bat, they got on plane, and they swing in proper sequence.

This FACT made me change my focus. These players are doing it the right way. This is the blueprint that every coach in america should be trying to duplicate.

There is absolutely zero doubt in my mind that this is the critical 20%. This is the key to maximizing any player's natural abilities.

Not all coaches are made the same

Somewhere along the way, coaches decided that they knew better than the greatest hitters on the planet. They decided to shorten the swing path, minimize movement and basically take away any chance of hitting the ball with power.