Baseball Hitting Tips

I studied for years, looking at all types of hitters, knowing deep down that a change in my swing could maximize my abilities. Here are a few baseball swing tips.

One day, I decided to ONLY look at the best hitters to ever do it.

Here is what I found.

Baseball Hitting

(Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, Hank Aaron, Barry Bonds)

Finally, a correlation. The four best home run hitters of all time all tip the barrel forward and then turn the bat around their hands.

From there, I wondered, how many other hitters use this type of swing.

Baseball Hitting
Baseball Hitting

Regardless of generation, size or strength, all of these hitters used the same mechanical advantage in their swing.

From left to right.

David Ortiz

Manny Ramirez

Dick Allen

Albert Pujols

Mike Piazza

David Wright

Gary Sheffield

Kirby Puckett

Josh Donaldson

Jose Bautista

Prince Fielder

Ernie Banks

Frank Robinson

Roberto Clemente

Sammy Sosa