Barry Bonds | Swing Like the Greats

There may never be another player who posses both the swing, and the physical ability that Bonds brought to the plate.

If your goal is to maximize your abilities as a hitter, knowing and understanding the basic movements in Barry Bonds' swing is a must.

What made Barry Bonds' swing so good?

Barry was very good at matching plane with the pitch. He was able to do so early which gave him the ability to adjust to pitch speed.

He was also able to consistently create early bat speed which gave him adjustablity to pitch location.

When you're able to create early bat speed and get on plane, the sky is the limit. This swing path allows a hitter optimal efficiency.

You will notice that the great hitters are able to keep their head very still, and the shoulders don't move until the bat is on plane behind them.

Barry had a very simple toe tap, similar to Ted Williams. In fact, their swings are carbon copies of each other. If you ever wondered what it should look like, here it is.

(Barry Bonds, Hank Aaron, Ted Williams, Babe Ruth)

Hitting a baseball should be a flowing, athletic movement. An optimal swing uses the kinetic chain to produce maximum power. Without movement, many (all) hitters will end up practically bench pressing the bat to the baseball. Every truly great hitter that I break down has a tipping movement to their barrel.

Some hitters "hitch" (drop their hands) more than others, but this movement is not necessarily incorrect. Allowing our body to flow creates potential energy that gives us the adjustability and power that we need to hit consistently.

Should you swing like Barry Bonds?


Bonds didn't just hit the ball in the air. He mastered the ability to square the baseball consistantly.

His bat path got behind the path of the baseball early and stayed on that path. In the clip below, Bonds' barrel is on plane with the pitch behind him, continuing into contact and then even through his finish.

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