Baseball Hitting Drills to Move Better

I have been against "hitting drills" because of the fact that no matter what drill a player does, his swing stays the same.

This page is a collection of baseball hitting drills to actually move better.

These drills (or movements) are designed to allow players to feel what its like to move like the best hitters of all time.

I will explain each movement in detail, the feel involved and the thought process behind them.

Triangle Turn / Barrel Turn

The triangle turn is something that you will see in the overwhelming majority of world class hitters.

This shape should be maintained for as long as possible.

Rock the triangle and tilt the shoulders to bring the barrel to the baseball.

Baseball Hitting Drills

This is a different movement for most people, the majority of hitters I come across are taught to swing down. Typically you see things like this.

This thought process is not new to baseball. Many hitters think they swing down and then perform something completely different in a live game.

Here is how you turn the triangle.

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